Ryan Abedi

"In this world of ours,
the sparrow must live like a hawk 
if he is to fly at all."

- Hayao Miyazaki



When I was 8, I would walk to a video game store near me every chance I had to see whether or not they had a copy of Castle In The Sky. I did this almost everyday for 2 years straight. It got to a point where they knew me by name - and even gave me a free strategy guide for Pokemon! Then, one day...my mom came home with cheeseburgers and a DVD copy of what would be my happiest memory and most favourite animated film of all time.


I’ve had a knack for memorizing scripts since I was a kid and spent a lot of my life weirding out family and co-workers alike, coming up with new characters and voices! I’ve worked tirelessly to hone my craft so that one day, I can be part of an amazing animated work that makes people as happy as that one film did for me. Give everything a look and if you like what you hear, please feel free to gimme a shout!